About Us

The Heritage Association of Dundalk is a group of volunteers who express their love of country and dedication to community through the management of the Dundalk Heritage Fair.  The officers and members of the association receive no compensation except for the smiles of the thousands of people who enjoy the fair each year.

Our Officers

These individuals are the ones behind the fair among many others:
Eric Davis, Mark Krysiak, Robert Fogle Sr., Carole Fogle, and William Gielner

Our Business

The Dundalk Heritage Fair is a three-day celebration commemorating our country’s birth.  The fair’s mission is to support and reinforce the tremendous patriotism of the Greater Dundalk Community.  Come join us in wishing America a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For three days, the Dundalk Heritage Fair offers continuous music, amusement rides, and changing daily entertainment.  The fair is also the temporary home of more than one hundred vendors selling hand-made arts and crafts, foods of all kinds, and local business opportunities.

The fair not only offers three days of fun, food and festivities, it supports the Fourth of July Run and Fireworks in Dundalk.  The Dundalk Heritage Fair is the centerpiece of Dundalk’s Fourth of July celebration.

Who We Are

The Dundalk Heritage Fair is constructed, maintained, and staffed by hundreds of volunteers.  Our volunteers are accountants and auto mechanics, truck drivers and teachers, steelworkers, and salespeople.  No matter what they do the rest of the year, for the Fourth of July they are the Heritage Fair.  What binds these volunteers together is the love of country and dedication to the community.

Our volunteers dedicate countless hours, using vacation time and missing holiday parties with family to bring three days of celebration to their friends and neighbors in the Dundalk community.  They ask for nothing in return, but to experience the joy of our patrons.

If you have a calling to help us celebrate our country’s birthday, ask any volunteer at the fair to help get you started or Contact Us.