2016 Dundalk Heritage Fair

Thank You

Thank you to all who visited the Dundalk Heritage Fair this year to enjoy the entertainment, vendors, and all that the fair has to offer.  Thank you to those who donated (check out our Sponsors pages and be sure to patronize those businesses) as well as all of our volunteers who work tirelessly each year to make the fair, fireworks, and parade happen.  If you have a few minutes, please take the time to fill out our survey.

For a recap of the fair, please visit our Facebook page.  We will be adding more content to both in the coming days and weeks.

We’ll see you next year for the 2017 Dundalk Heritage Fair, parade, and fireworks!  For those interested in volunteering, please let us know for next year by contacting us.

Thanks again,

– The Dundalk Heritage Fair Association


Also, a THANK YOU from The Dundalk Heritage Fair Association and all of the volunteers and board members…

Mars SuperMarkets

From all of us at the Dundalk Heritage Fair Association –

It is with sadness that Mars SuperMarkets will be closing their doors on July 31st. Mars has been a sponsor of the fair and all of the 4th of July activities in Dundalk for many, many years. They have graciously donated their time through employees handing out reusable shopping bags and programs at the front gate of the fair, floating Henley the Friendly Martian down the streets of Dundalk in the annual 4th of July parade, donating generous amounts of food for the entertainment and volunteers at the fair, and generally just being a great neighbor and amazing sponsor. Their presence in the coming years will be missed and we cannot thank the D’Anna family, the “Friendly Food People” and employees enough for their patronage in making the Dundalk Heritage Fair, parade, and fireworks the best in the region.

With gratitude and sincere appreciation for all that you have done in our community and for us,

Joe Falbo and the Dundalk Heritage Fair Association

A special thanks to those sponsors who donated this year!

BGE Port of Baltimore Tradepoint Atlantic


2016 Dundalk Heritage Fair

KIXAlmost QueenHeart by Heart

The 2016 Dundalk Heritage Fair was held on July 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Admission is $8 per person per day (children 12 years and under are free).

Almost Queen, Heart By Heart, and KIX was the fair this year including many other bands.  For the full schedule, see our Entertainment Schedule and for more information on the festivities, please click the links below:

Heritage Fair Information |  Parade Information |  Fireworks Information | Rules and Policies



About the Dundalk Heritage Fair Association

The Dundalk Heritage Fair is operated by The Heritage Association of Dundalk, a group of dedicated volunteers who give their time and energy to ensure that the Dundalk community enjoys the greatest 4th of July celebration in the country.  Activities include a three-day fair, the largest parade in Maryland, and a fireworks show. Hundreds of volunteers donate countless hours to do everything from putting up fences to hiring entertainers to selling admission tickets, ensuring a long weekend of family fun in the most patriotic community in the world.