fireworksThe Dundalk 4th of July Fireworks will be held on July 4th starting at 9:15PM (North Point Government Center/Grange Elementary).  While the fireworks can be viewed in numerous sites throughout Dundalk, they are primarily centered around the North Point Government Center.

Fireworks Information

What: Dundalk 4th of July Fireworks
When: July 4th
Where: North Point Government Center (lit nearby, can be seen in surrounding areas) Need directions? Click here.
Time: 9:15PM (approximate)
Rain Date: July 5 at dusk.

Update on Fireworks Malfunctions: On July 4th during the grand finale, there was a manufacturing defect in the fuse of the fireworks.  At the time, nothing could be done to prevent or protect the fireworks.  Each firework had to be manually lit, which is extremely dangerous and had to be relit over and over due to the fuse problems. The pyrotechnicians risked their lives and limbs in doing so.  Further, a nozzle was blow off one of the torches used to light the fireworks which should give everyone an idea of the forces involved.  Several of our pyrotechnicians were singed and blasted with burning material of the firework failures during the planned finale.  We apologize for the inconvenience and the safety of our technicians is of the utmost importance.   We are working with the supplier of the fireworks to ensure this does not occur again.

For more information or comments regarding the fireworks, please contact us via our Contact Us page and select Fireworks from the drop down list.

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